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Frequently Asked Question  

Q.1. Is Divine Ads is an investment company? 
Ans. - Divine Ads is not an ‘Investment Company’, it is a service/product based organization (under NRV Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) which provides you Social Media Exchange (SME) concept of online barter system. It allows you to increase your social penetration and internet popularity while on the other side , you can get paid for promoting others on social media, which implies a user is both a consumer and service provider. 

Q.2. Is Divine Ads is based on Network Marketing? 
Ans. - Divine Ads works on the process of Referral or Affiliate or Recommendation or Word-of-Mouth promotion. This process is Direct Selling, directly from company to consumer, thereby eliminating intermediate supply chain, and passing the benefits directly to the consumer. Divine Ads is one of the best Organization in Direct Selling Industry in India. 

Q. 3. What Product/Services Divine Ads offers?
Ans. – Divine Ads is SEO/SMO based Digital Marketing company. One can optimize his/her brand or blog or website on Search Engines and on Social Media by using the packages provided byDivine Ads

Q. 4. What are the legal documents of Divine Ads ? 
Ans. - Divine Ads is a brand under NRV Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,NRV Marketing was incorporated in 2016. NRV Marketing is having all the required documents and certificates which are necessary to conduct business in India. 
Check Legal certificates - Legal Documents 

Q.5. What is the Validity of Product/Services in Divine Ads? 
Ans. – The validity of any DAP is 1 Year from the date of activation. After that the Product/services will expire.

Q. 6. How many package user can purchase on 1 PAN card ?
Ans. - 3 packages can be purchased on 1 pan card w.e.f. 1 september 2016. (Keep visiting this space regularly for any changes). 

Q. 7. How user can take package if he/she don’t have PAN card ?
Ans. - New User can take only one package by choosing option Applied for PAN Card during signup & in meantime he/she can apply PAN card. Once he/she have PAN card ready then update PAN in “My Profile” & upload KYC against PAN card. User must have to submit PAN Card as KYC within 30 days otherwise all HBW payouts & promotional payouts will be washed out. 
Note: 20% TDS deduction will be apply if PAN card is not available & 10% TDS after providing PAN card. 

Q. 8. Can I keep same mobile number / email address for packages bought by my blood relatives?
Ans. - User can keep same mobile number / email id for packages purchased only for blood relation users. 

Q. 9. In how much days my KYC will get approved?
Ans. - 2-3 days after uploading KYC related document. Document must be visible clearly & format will be .jpeg file & size will be less than 2 MB. In case KYC will be rejected then user will get message on registered mobile number & email with specific reason. Also it will take again 2-3 days to approve your KYC after re-loading. 

Q. 10. How much time it will take to get my work payouts in account?
Ans. - Once all your KYC & Campaign approved then immediately on next day you will get all past payouts & in future on daily/weekly/monthly basis as per user choice. 
Note: Admin charge 5% / 3% / 1% (plus service tax) )will be charge for daily/weekly/monthly options respectively applicable after 10% TDS deductions. 

Q. 11. How can I get work if I don’t have PAN card at the time of registration?
Ans. - User can upload Campaign & at least 1 KYC (Id proof) to get daily work & meantime user can apply for PAN Card. Once user uploads all KYC, the payment will be processed after successful approval. 

Q. 12. When can I get my HBW (Home based work) ?
Ans. - User can get HBW from next day after activating package & after successful update of KYC & Campaign. User will get this work Monday to Friday except National Holidays. User can get National Holidays list from Divine Ads portal from ‘Popular Tags’ section. 

Q. 13. Can I request my missed HBW? If yes then how?
Ans. - Yes, User can request only 1 day missed HBW on Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday. For this, user have to go to Today’s Task window & have to request missing day work by selecting it from mentioned calendar. 

Q. 14. How I can get payout for my past work which I had done but forgot to submit?
Ans. - User can go to Dashboard -> My Work Payout & Generate Performa Invoice for that particular day on which work was done but forgot to submit. By doing this now user can see invoice for that particular date in payout table. 

Q. 15. How can I do Renewal of Product/Services?
Ans. - After the expiry of Product/Services one can renew the same by purchasing the available packages at that time. If you have purchased DAP 05, 10, 21,42,90, 180,450 and upgraded it, then the renewal can be done on the upgraded package only. After the renewal, the network position will remain the same. 

Q. 16. What is Booster? How can I avail it?
Ans. - Booster is process of doubling of your daily task after you sale two-packages (in 1 : 1 BV)of same amount in 20 Days from your date of activation. Once user activates the booster then user will get increased links daily till remaining period of package. If a person has sold packages of different business volume in 1:1, then the links will be added according to the lowest package. 

Q. 17. How can I upgrade my package?
Ans. - Upgradation of Package can be done after 1 month of activation. Only 2nd Month is given for upgradation of package, to users who have purchased the package on/after 1st September 2016. For others Upgradation can be done anytime during their 1 year contract. User just has to pay difference amount & on the same day onwards he/she will get difference links. 

Q. 18. How much time is required for activation of my package/distributorship?
Ans. - Activation process depends upon the banking, so it will usually take 2-3 working days to activate any package. Proper details to be filled by the user in their ‘Activate Now’ section. 
Payment Mode – Demand Draft – Same day activation
Payment Mode – NEFT – 2-3 Days for activation
Payment Mode – IMPS 

Q. 19. Is there any age limit for purchase of package?
Ans. - Yes, user must be 18 years old to purchase DAP packages. Maximum Age is 65. 

Q. 20. Is it mandatory that user must have FB id/FB page/Blog/Website/Twitter account ?
Ans. - Yes, User must have FB account/page or website (individual or corporate) or Blog for promotion and advertisement. He/she has to promote it under ‘Manage Campaign’ section. 

Q. 21. What are the commission rates?
Ans. - Daily Task Rates currently is 8 Rs per click. Daily Task rates vary from time to time and depends on market competition & availability of work with company. Daily Task Rates can change with/without prior information on website because it depends on market competition. 

- Promotional/Referral income currently is 800Rs. for selling two packages in 1:1 BV format. 
1 Business Volume (BV) is equal to DAP – 10. Promotional/Referral Income is Weekly based.
DAP 05- 0.5 BV
DAP 10- 1.0 BV
DAP 21- 2.0 BV
DAP 42- 4.0 BV
DAP 90- 8.0 BV
DAP 180- 16.0 BV
DAP 450- 40.0 BV

2. Capping of Income is there with every DAP(Divine Ads Package) and varies from 50000Rs per week to 3.5 Lacs per week. Capping of Income can increase or decrease from time to time. 
DAP 05- Maximum Income- 50000 Rs Per Week
DAP 10- Maximum Income- 50000 Rs Per Week
DAP 21- Maximum Income- 100000 Rs Per Week
DAP 42- Maximum Income- 100000 Rs Per Week 
DAP 90- Maximum Income- 250000 Rs Per Week
DAP 180- Maximum Income- 250000 Rs Per Week 
DAP 450- Maximum Income- 350000 Rs Per Week 

Q. 22. What is the date/day of transfer of Commissions?
Ans. - Daily Work/Task Income can be taken in 3 modes – Daily, Weekly and Monthly
> Daily Payments will be credited into user’s bank account next working day after doing task. > Weekly Payments(of previous week) will be credited into user’s bank account on Tuesday Evening > Monthly Payments(of previous month) will be credited into user’s bank account on 4th/5th day of month 

Q. 23. What are the Administration Charges? 
Ans. - Company deducts an admin charge on both ‘Promotional Income’ and ‘Daily Task Payment’ 
Promotional Income – 5% from taxed income.
Daily Task –:
1. Daily Mode- 5% from taxed income
2. Weekly Mode- 3% from taxed income
3.Monthly Mode- 1% from taxed income

Q. 24. How much TDS Amount is deducted from my income?
Ans. - Company deducts TDS from both ‘Promotional Income’ and ‘Daily Task Payment’ and deposits it to Government as per the laws.
- Promotional Income – 5% from total income
- Daily Task Income – 10% from total income 

Q. 25. What is eligibility criteria to get promotional income?
Ans. - To get promotional income, user must have to sponsor 2 packages in 1:1 position. 

Q. 26. What are Rewards?
Ans. - Different Rewards are announced from time to time to promote sales in organization. Frequency of rewards can be Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Kindly check the website for updated information. Terms and conditions are always applicable with rewards. 

Q. 27. How can I get my Reward?
Ans. - Rewards can be dispatched to the winners location/correspondence address, after a declaration given to company by him through mail. He/she has to pay the freight charges. 
Rewards can also be collected from office after producing a copy of valid ID proof. 

Q. 28. How can I change my distributorship?
Ans. - Distributorship can be changed by producing a proper format on a 100 Rs Stamp Paper, notarized and duly signed by both transferor and transferee, along with processing fees of 1000 Rs plus service tax in office. 

Q. 29. What are the KYC documents that I have to submit?
Ans. - One can submit any of the below mentioned documents:

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