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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • The booking request form entitles the customer for Hotel accommodation for 2 adults & 2 children below the age of 5 years for three nights for two adults and two children under the age of 5 years sharing the same room without extra bed. In addition to the hotel accommodation the distributor will also get Breakfast.
  • This scheme is valid only for the distributors of "Divine Holiday ".
  • This offer does not include the following: courier cost' Travel' Transportation' Food' Incidentals' Applicable Taxes (On other charges excluding of package)' Additional Accommodation and other facilities offered by the hotels that may be availed by distributors during their stay.
  • To redeem this Voucher the eligible distributor would be required to send the following documents through courier  
    • Duly filled hotel request form in original  name of the customer.
    • Photocopy of Invoice given at the time of purchase.
    • Photocopy of your photo identity proof' e.g. photocopy of driving license etc.
  • The package (Hotel stay) must be availed within 12 months from the date of purchase and request to avail the package must reach us within 11 months from the date of purchase.
  • The Customer must submit his/her preferences(THREE DESTINATION) OPTIOAL for hotel booking along-with original Holiday Voucher

latest by submission date as mentioned herein. In order to redeem the Holiday Voucher' the Customer must give twenty one (30) days advance notice  with THREE (3) destination and ' keeping in mind the hotel expiry date' and asked to pay the Utility Charges of Rs.500/-. This Utility Charges should be paid through a Demand Draft in favor of Divine Holiday

  • Room category would be 3* (STANDARD) room only. In the event of non-availability of room at the listed hotel' accommodation shall be provided in hotel of similar standard.
  • Request for reservations in exclusion period as mentioned below will not be entertained.Also right to avail the hotel booking will be restricted for 2 days prior & 2 days afterwards of National Holidays and festivals. For eg.- Diwali' Dussehra' Holi' 2nd October' 15th August' 26th January etc.
  • The "Claim / Booking Request form" cannot be sold' redeemed for cash' gifted' transferred or to be given to travel agents. There is no cash alternative for this offer. All reservations are strictly subject to promotional availability.
  • Each 'Claim / Booking Request form" shall be treated and processed as individual request and the same cannot be clubbed together in any manner.
  • Incomplete 'Reservation Form' received without required supporting documents or Reservation form received by e-mail' Fax or phone shall be liable to rejection and cannot be re-processed.
  • Divine Holiday reserves the right to refuse to redeem the Booking Request Form if submitted by persons other than the customer of Divine Holiday
  • No cancellation or amendment is possible after confirmation of booking. In the event of customer not availing the confirmed accommodation no replacement or alternate reservation shall be offered. The use of the confirmation letter is subject to the rules and regulations of the hotel(s). The use of the confirmation letter by the customer shall be deemed as an acceptance to the rules and regulations of the hotel(s).
  • Divine Holiday reserves the right to extend' cancel' discontinue' prematurely withdraw' change' alter or modify this offer or any part there of including but not limited to the eligibility criteria or hotel list and destinations at its sole discretion anytime during its validity as may be required and the same shall be binding on the customer.
  • Any disputes' controversies and conflicts ("Disputes") arising out of this offer shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by Divine Holiday' courts at NOIDA shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect to al the subject matter with relation to this offer.
  • 16. The provision of the holiday package is subject to Force Majeure conditions.

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